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At All Creatures Great and Small Urgent Care, serving Fairfield, Denville, and Bergen County, NJ, our dermatology services can help your pet heal from a skin infection or combat a condition like eczema. We treat both cats and dogs. Our veterinarian will assess your pet’s condition to determine the type and cause of its skin condition and recommend treatment accordingly.


Conditions We Treat or Manage 

If you visit our practice when your pet has itchy skin, signs of an infection, hair loss, rash, or another similar skin condition, we can determine the underlying cause. For instance, it could be an allergy that's causing a rash, itchiness, or hair loss. Sometimes, the cause of the rash is a bacterial or fungal infection. We can also evaluate your pet if he or she has one or more skin lumps. These could be either benign or cancerous tumors. 

Diagnostics We Provide 

Our urgent care veterinarian can provide your furry friend with various diagnostic tests to determine the cause of your pet's problem. The first part of the appointment consists of us asking questions about your pet's condition. Our veterinarian will evaluate the problem visually. Sometimes, this is enough to determine the problem.

However, our practitioner may need to do additional testing to determine the problem. In some cases, we may perform blood testing. If the symptoms of your pet's condition are potentially cancer, we will perform a biopsy, which is when our veterinarian takes a sample of the tissue and assesses it for abnormal cells. We may perform imaging to see if cancer has spread to organs. Allergy testing is another useful diagnostic tool. 

Treating Skin Conditions

Treatment options offered at our pet dermatology practice depends on your pet's specific issue. If it's a fungal infection, your pet will receive a prescription for an antifungal. On the other hand, if your pet has a bacterial skin infection, we'll prescribe an antibiotic ointment to treat the condition. Pets who have skin allergies may receive a prescription to control the reaction and lessen the severity of the skin condition. Then, we'll work on targeting the root cause and recommending how to avoid that allergen. 

Pet Dermatology in Denville, Fairfield, and Bergen County, NJ 

Dermatology services can help your pet live more comfortably. They can also possibly catch a fatal problem early enough to intervene with treatment. At our pet dermatology practice, we're proud to offer a range of services to help your pet live the most comfortable life possible. Call All Creatures Great and Small Animal Hospital and Urgent Care today at (973) 625-3641 for more information or to schedule an appointment.


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