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Pet Dental Care

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Why Is Pet Dental Health Important?

The dental health of your pet is more important than you might realize. Dental problems could be caused by other health problems. The teeth and gums of your animal are an indicator of the animal's overall health. It is important to have your vet check your pet's teeth and gums annually to catch any early signs of health problems. Even the most exotic pets need good dental health. In the Denville, NJ, area, visit All Creatures Great and Small today to have your pet's dental health checked today.

What Types Of Things For Which A Veterinarian Be Able To Screen?

A vet has an important role in the overall health of your pet by screening for periodontal disease. During the visit, the vet cleans your pet's teeth, as well as fill, extract, and repair teeth as needed. Any dental work should be done by a board-certified veterinary dentist or in an animal hospital. Most exams start with an oral exam and x-rays may be needed to look at the jaw and roots of the teeth. Many of the diseases that impact pets sit below the gum line. During a cleaning, the vet removes plaque and tartar from teeth.

Possible Issues That Should Be Addressed With A Pet Dental Exam

There may be symptoms you notice at home with your pet that a vet should check into immediately. If it appears as though your pet has any broken or infected teeth, take your pet to the vet immediately. If it appears as though your pet has tumors in his mouth, you should take him to the vet. If your pet's jaw is broken or misaligned, you want to take him for treatment right away. 

Common Pet Dental Problems

There may be symptoms that you notice at home that are signs of a larger dental problem. Be sure to talk to your vet right away when you notice anything like bad breath, loose teeth, or teeth that appear to be discolored. If your pet is drooling a lot or chewing more than normal, there may be something wrong with their teeth. If your pet is bleeding or has pain or swelling around the mouth, they could be symptoms of a dental problem. 

How A Veterinarian Can Help With Pet Dental Problems & Regular Oral Maintenance

Our veterinarian at All Creatures Great and Small provides regular oral maintenance for your pet in the Denville, NJ, area. In those appointments, the vets are able to assess the health of your pet and catch any oral problems early. The earlier they are detected means the faster treatment can occur and get your pet back on track for good dental and overall health. 



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