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If you want to travel with your pet, board your pet, or even hire a pet sitter, you will be required to get your pet vaccinated before using these services. That’s because vaccines are an effective way to prevent pets from coming down with contagious diseases. The veterinary professionals at All Creatures Great and Small Animal Hospital and Urgent Care in Denville, Fairfield, and Bergen County, NJ, list what you need to know about pet vaccinations.


The Rabies Shot is Legally Required

In the state of New Jersey, all dogs and cats have to get the rabies vaccine, even cats that live mostly indoors. This is the only vaccine legally required. The laws were passed because rabies, which is deadly and incurable, can pass from pets to people. Rabies is almost always lethal in pets, even if they get rushed to an urgent care veterinarian. Puppies can get their first rabies vaccine at three months old. Kittens only need to be two months old.

Setting Up a Vaccine Schedule

Most vaccines need to be given at least twice within a few weeks to be effective. When you bring your pet in for a wellness exam, our veterinarian will create a vaccine schedule to keep your pet fully immunized. Your pet will need a booster in one year, two years, or three years depending on the vaccine that was administered.

Side Effects of Pet Vaccines

The vast majority of pets experience few effects after getting vaccinated no matter what kind of vaccine they get. The most common symptom is being more tired than usual for one or two days. Other side effects are low-grade fever, temporary loss of appetite, swelling, or mild bleeding at the injection site.

When Your Pet Gets Vaccinated for the First Time

If it’s the first time your pet has ever gotten a vaccine, wait with your pet at the vet clinic for about 20 minutes to make sure nothing happens. If something does happen, your pet can get immediate treatment. Pets that are very sick should not get vaccines or their boosters until they are fully healthy. Pets with cancer or who need to take drugs that suppress their immune system should not get vaccinated or get their boosters.

Pet Vaccinations in Denville, Fairfield, and Bergen County, NJ

If you have further questions about pet vaccinations and live in the Denville, Fairfield, or Bergen County, NJ areas, contact All Creatures Great and Small Animal Hospital and Urgent Care at (973) 625-3641 to make an appointment today.


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