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Pet Allergies FAQs

Cats and dogs can both be susceptible to pet allergies, regardless of whether they've had them in the past or any pre-existing conditions. In fact, your pet might be in perfect health otherwise and still suffer from pet allergies. Fortunately, getting the help of a veterinarian on our veterinary team can improve your pet's overall health, quality of life, and help them avoid any discomfort throughout the year.

At All Creatures Great and Small Animal Clinic and Urgent Care serving Denville, NJ, we are here to help your pet find relief from their allergies through help from a veterinarian on our veterinary team and our treatment options. We are here to help your pet feel like themselves, clear up their pet allergies, and alleviate any of the symptoms that come along with pet allergies. In addition, help from our veterinarian can help prevent flare-ups and complications from allergies.

Pet Allergies FAQs

What Causes Pet Allergies?

Just like humans, allergies in pets are caused when the body mistakes an innocent outside agent, such as dust, pollen, or food, for a dangerous intruder. To combat against this intruder, your pet's body may create symptoms including:

  • Runny nose
  • Sneezing
  • Wheezing
  • Trouble breathing
  • Red eyes
  • Itchy skin
  • Hives on skin
  • Fatigue
  • Trouble eating
  • Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea

Even if your pet has never suffered from allergies, they could still be affected by pet allergies at some point in their life.

Some common allergens include:

  • Certain foods like meat, poultry, or fish products
  • Grooming materials
  • Certain medications
  • Seasonal allergens
  • Dust mites and pollen

How Does a Veterinarian Treat Pet Allergies?

The best treatment for your pet allergies will be to get rid of the allergen that is causing their symptoms. To do so, your veterinarian will need to find out what allergen is triggering your pet's symptoms by conducting a physical exam, asking questions about their symptoms, and asking about whether you've implemented any recent changes to their diet or lifestyle.

Lifestyle changes, such as creating a new diet plan, can help alleviate pet allergies. In addition, certain medications like antihistamines can help alleviate pet allergy symptoms. Other medications, like steroids, can also help in the case of severe pet allergies.

Do I Need to See a Veterinarian with My Pet?

If you notice your pet is having an allergic reaction, such as trouble breathing or other dangerous signs, get them help right away. For more subtle symptoms, such as runny nose, wheezing, or vomiting or diarrhea, visit a veterinarian at our animal clinic to get treatment for their specific pet allergy.

Get Pet Care for Pet Allergies from a Veterinarian on Our Veterinary Team

At All Creatures Great and Small Animal Clinic and Urgent Care serving Denville, NJ, we are here to help all pets recover from their allergies and live their lives free of discomfort! Call us at (973) 625-3641 to schedule an appointment.


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